Data Mapping, Identification & Preservation

The goal of data mapping, identification and preservation is to plan out your eDiscovery process. Where do you need to collect data from? How will you receive the data? We will explain what you need to know in regard to legal, business and IT matters. Once we decide what type of information you would like to collect, we will establish how to receive that information. We will identify sources of data such as servers, laptops, social media, smart phones, etc.

This step of the eDiscovery process allows us to understand what we’re working with and how we can better assist you and your case. Working with legal clients, we understand that we must be thorough, detailed and responsive. We provide the best possible support and consulting. When you work with us you will know exactly what is going on every step of the way.

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Data Mapping

  • Consultative means of mapping infrastructure where data exists (inter/intra office)
  • Understanding interoperable dealings between legal, business and IT
  • Documenting e-mail systems, archives/back-ups/recovery storage/legacy systems, etc.

Data Identification

  • Consultative identification of potential sources of data (servers, laptops, desktops, social media, smart phones, tablets, etc.)
  • Identify potential custodians/data-stewards/witnesses germane to litigation
  • Identifying potentially relevant ESI and data types
  • Custodian, IT, corporate/business, legal, etc. interviews

Data Preservation

  • Establishing and validating an efficient, defensible preservation workflow, that is proportional to the case at bar
  • Preservation methods are in-line with existing litigation hold, data mapping and identification findings
  • Suspend destruction of data and mitigate risks
  • Prepare data for collection

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