Mock Jury Services

At Litegation we offer trial simulations for a single day or multiple days. These can be supported by professional trial consultants, if desired. A Mock Trial is the experience closest to an actual trial, and allows you to present your case to a mock jury that matches the demographics of your possible jury. During this process, witness testimony, either in-person or on video, is presented along with demonstrative evidence.

At the conclusion of your case presentation, the jurors are charged, separated into panels and settle on a verdict. We provide a comprehensive analysis of juror feedback in written form, as well as a video of the case presentations and jury deliberations. Like our Focus Groups, our Mock Trials are customized to meet both the needs of your case and your budget.

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Mock Jury Services

  • Mock Juror and Focus Group Panels
  • Voir Dire and Venue Specific
  • Audio / Video Recording
  • Live or Remote Testimony
  • Demonstrative Evidence Support
  • Written Reports and Verdict Sheets
  • Site Support and Catering
  • Q & A and Juror Feedback
  • Professional Witness Preparation
  • Scalable to your case-exposure and budget

Professional Litigation Support

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Mock Jury Services
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Mock Trial Services is experience closest to an actual trial, and allows you to present your case to a mock jury. Contact LITeGATION today!
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