Collecting, processing and reviewing electronically stored information is just the beginning of the eDiscovery process. At some point, responsive data, proportional to the case, must be produced. This requires isolating the data and making it production ready in a way that conforms to the parties’ stipulation and/or court order. At LITeGATION, we help you prepare and produce this information in a way that is useful and efficient.

This not only helps your case but helps you understand the large amount of data and electronically stored information that may be used for settlement or trial. We produce the data in a number of electronic formats, as well as hard copies. Providing multiple formats allows you to review and present the data however you see fit.

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  • Prepare and produce Electronically Stored information (ESI) in an efficient and usable format, in-line with litigation orders or stipulations
  • Time sensitive, rolling productions
  • Bates labeling and other confidentiality/proprietary endorsements
  • Redacted images
  • Responsive productions
  • Privilege/exception logs
  • Native files with place holders
  • Load files, extracted metadata and searchable text
  • Searchable Image (.pdf and .tif) productions
  • Copy data to media
  • Hard copies
  • Quality assurance/control procedures

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