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Are you ready for your case at bar? Do you know the importance of trial technology? A visual presentation of your case can help the jury better understand your facts. Learn the process of trial technology with our step-by-step breakdown.

During your trial, what will your goals be? To catch the audience’s attention? Keep their attention? And make your case? We can help you do this with a visually stunning presentation. When making any presentation, the majority of your audience will expect some visual aspects. This is because most people learn better and retain more information when they are taught visually.

When building a presentation, there are many visual and technical elements to consider. We understand them all and are experts in making visually appealing presentations. Technology is quickly advancing presentation expectations; make sure you keep your audience hooked.

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Trial/Mediation Animation Samples

Trial/Mediation Board Samples

Trial Technology & Demonstrative Services

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  • Our graphics’ team consults as to the presentation strategy and data for use at proceeding
  • We work with the technical representative and clerk from each courtroom, as to handle all aspects of the set-up/break-down, and presentation itself
  • Seamless use of isolated files for polished presentation at trial or hearing/mediation
  • Electronic presentation
    • Callouts
    • Side-by-side documents
    • Exhibit linking
    • Transcript/video synchronization
    • Timelines
    • X-rays
    • Charts, graphs and original art
  • Equipment
    • Multi-Monitors
    • Projectors/screens
    • Cables/switches
    • Tables/carts
  • Demonstrative Boards
    • Blowbacks with callouts and other annotations
    • X-rays and reports
    • Original graphic design services
  • War Rooms
    • Full technology and equipment for go-live preparation
    • We come to you

Professional Litigation Support

We guide you through eDiscovery from start to finish

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To win your case, make sure your trial technology and electronic presentation is above and beyond the standard. We can help you create anything you need.
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